Board Meetings

Board Meetings are currently held on the third Tuesday of every month. They will be held at the Association office (212 Victor Parkway, Annapolis, MD 21403) unless otherwise specified.

Board meetings are not public meetings and are open to residents, owners, and invited guests only.

Cancellations will be posted on this site. In order to make the meetings as efficient as possible, please submit any praise, requests, complaints, etc. in writing to the office at least three days prior to the meeting.

The order of Fairwinds meetings is determined by our by-laws, Article II – Section 10:

Order of Business – the order of all business at all meetings of the Association shall be as follows:

Owner input (limited to 3 minutes per person)

(a) Convene – Roll Call
(b) Proof of notice of meeting
(c) Reading of minutes of preceding meeting
(d) Reports of Officers
(e) Report of Board of Directors
(f) Reports of Committees
(g) Appointment of Inspector of election (when so required)
(h) Nomination of Directors from the floor  (when so required)
(i) Election of members of the Board of Directors  (when so required)
(j) Unfinished business
(k) New business

In the case of a special meeting, items (a) through (d) shall be applicable and thereafter the agenda shall consist of the items specified in the notice of meeting.

Current Board of Directors:

  • Jeff Evason, President
  • Eric Kohl, Vice President
  • Branislav Jocic, Treasurer
  • John Blaser, Secretary
  • David J. Frankel, Director
  • John McLeod, Director
  • John Morris, Director